Sexy, Cryptic Teaser Trailer for 'Under the Skin' Starring Scarlett Johansson

After making a splash in 2000 with his powerful debut Sexy Beast, Jonathan Glazer returned four years later with the reincarnation drama, Birth, with Nicole Kidman. Now nearly a decade later, Glazer is back with the long-developing sci-fi film Under the Skin, which sounded a lot like Species but one look at the teaser proves it will be something completely different.

Sexy, perplexing, and haunting, the trailer has Scarlett Johansson as Laura, an alien in human form who uses her powers of seduction to lure in her male prey, kill them, or send them back to her home planet. Obviously, with a body like Johansson's she has no problem accomplishing the mission, until her human emotions take over and she begins to grow a conscience. The film recently debuted at Venice, and while the reviews have been a little mixed, this trailer suggests it will be one to keep an eye on. Hopefully we get a firm release date soon.