Punk'd? Justin Bieber Teases Robin Role in 'Batman vs. Superman'

If you thought Internet fanboys went into a collective conniption fit when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman, how do you think they'd react to Justin Bieber as....well, anybody? But most especially as Robin? That was the horrific reality some thought we were faced with late last night when Bieber tweeted this image of the supposed Batman vs. Superman script, clearly watermarked for him, and written by Zack Snyder and David Goyer. It came with the #robin hashtag.

But was it real? Well...that's up for some debate. A few hours prior to posting this image, Bieber tweeted this....
Right. So it may just be one great big joke. Or at least one can hope that this is merely from the Funny or Die skit he was filming that day. *fingers crossed*

If it is indeed a fake, they were extremely specific and detailed about it, though. A closer look shows that it's based on The Dark Knight Falls chapter of The Dark Knight Returns, with a credit to Frank Miller and artist Klaus Janson. That would be the chapter where Batman and Superman have their climactic showdown, and it also features Robin, albeit a female one.

So chances are this is all just Bieber punking us one more time.