First Clip from Jason Reitman's 'Labor Day'

Don't let the title fool you, this isn't the latest film in the series of holiday based romantic comedies with interconnecting stories...not even a little. As Travis let you know in his first look article here, Labor Day, is an Oscar hopeful about a single mother and her son who let in a drifter over labor day weekend who ends up being an escaped convict. Feeling all warm and fuzzy yet?

As Travis also pointed out, this isn't a 'bring the wrong guy home' horror film either. More an exercise in who we are and what has happened to put us in the positions where we currently reside. As you can tell from the clip below Brolin doesn't seem overtly threatening and violent but the tension that he could be at any moment is certainly there. Honestly I can't wait for this movie. We like to think that we're an enlightened society but really there aren't that many truly deep, well written, oscar worthy, "Don't judge a book by it's cover", movies out there. Also, it doesn't hurt its Oscar chances that Winslet and Brolin seem to be perennially associated, if not nominated themselves, with movies that slay come February. Labor Day will hit theaters on Christmas Day.