Jennifer Lopez to Star in Blumhouse Productions' Horror 'The Boy Next Door'

After a spectacular run a few years ago, we haven't seen as much from Jennifer Lopez of late. She recently made the odd career move by co-starring in Jason Statham's Parker, and while she was actually quite good in it, it seemed like a role she wouldn't have even considered before. But she might be making a comeback, lining up the Chilean miner film The 33 for next year, and now she's joining the ultra-successful horror studio Blumhouse Productions for their next project, The Boy Next Door.

The studio behind low-budget hits Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Insidious has tapped Rob Cohen (XXX) to direct the genre flick, which has Lopez "as a newly separated mother who begins an affair with a new teenage neighbor who befriends her son. Trouble ensues, however, when she tries to abruptly end the relationship."  Barbara Curry will pen the script, with the small-scale film budgeted around $4M, fitting right into the Blumhouse sweet spot.

While Lopez has been less of a presence on the big screen, she's gearing up to return for her most prominent gig as a judge on American Idol.