'Gotham' TV Series On Batman's Commissioner Gordon Heads to Fox

Fox didn't wait long after the premiere of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD to announce that they have their own comic book TV series in the works. They've just won an intense bidding war for Gotham, a new show from Warner Bros. TV that will center on Batman's ally, Commissioner James Gordon, who we just saw portrayed by Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight trilogy.

This won't be just a mere pilot, either, as Fox has made a full series commitment, to be developed and scripted by The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller. The Gordon depicted on the show will be a younger version, before he became Commissioner and was still on the beat as a detective for the police department. His origin will be explored, as well as those of the many famous villains Batman will eventually have to face. But this takes place before Gordon and the Caped Crusader meet, so don't expect Batman to be a part of the series. I'm guessing all bets will be off if the ratings tank.

Most interesting of all is that the show ended up on Fox and not the CW, who already have the DC property Arrow and have a Flash spinoff on the way. Gotham would have seemed like a natural fit. Gordon has been a part of the Batman mythos since the beginning, appearing in Batman's very first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. [Deadline]