First Clip from Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem'

Terry Gilliam has never been the most prolific of directors, but the gap between films has been made worse by diminishing returns. Put simply, he hasn't done anything worth getting excited over in a lot of years, with his last two features The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Tideland barely showing a glimmer of his past imagination. With the arrival of his latest film, The Zero Theorem, which seems to have share thematic and stylistic traits with Brazil, his fans are once again hoping for a return to form.

While it has yet to secure a release date, The Zero Theorem debuted today at Venice, and along with it comes this first clip. It gives us a solid look at the colorful, media-obsessed future world he's created, one where superheroes seem to be an ongoing craze. A not-so-subtle commentary on the current Hollywood trend? Christoph Waltz stars as a neurotic, introverted computer programmer working for Management (represented by Matt Damon in a small role), whose job it is to solve the "zero theorem" that will prove life is utterly meaningless.

Check out the clip from The Zero Theorem below....[Comingsoon]