First Clip from Kelly Reichardt's 'Night Moves' with Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning

It's putting it mildly to say that the thoughtful, considered dramas of Kelly Reichardt aren't everyone's cup of tea. There's a small but extremely loyal audience for her three most notable films; Wendy and Lucy, Old Joy, and Meek's Cutoff, which were never designed to strike at the mainstream in any way. But her latest film Night Moves occupies a unique space for the director, as it deals with eco-terrorism, a premise we saw hit multiplexes recently in The East, and it features bankable stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard.

With the film recently debuting in Venice and heading off to Toronto, the first clip has been released to help generate a little buzz. Not a single word of dialogue is spoken in this footage, instead focusing on the three leads as they take in the deforested surroundings. The story, which bears quite resemblance to Edward Abbey's novel The Monkey Wrench Gang (there was even a lawsuit), centers on three eco-terrorists with plans of blowing up a dam.

Night Moves has yet to gain distribution, so who knows when it will turn up in theaters. [ThePlaylist]