Watch an AIDS-Stricken Matthew McConaughey in First 'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer

Is it possible that Matthew McConaughey, that guy who gave us such "thoughtful" performances in Sahara and Failure to Launch, could be on the verge of two Best Actor nominations in the same year? The buzz has certainly been swirling over his soulful turn in Jeff Nichols' Mud, and ever since the first photos emerged of the physical lengths he went to for the AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club, the talk for it has been just as strong. Now the first trailer has emerged to give us the best look yet at the stunning physical transformation he underwent.

Gone is the rippling physique and six pack abs and in its place is an emaciated McConaughey, playing real life figure Ron Woodruff, a man stricken with AIDS and given only a month to live. Rather than giving in and merely accepting the FDA-approved drug AZT, Woodruff began taking and selling illegal, unapproved medication acquired from all over the world. The film chronicles his fight for survival and the FDA's attempts to shut down his drug-selling operation, a battle which lasted much longer than Woodruff was ever supposed to live.

Although it's tough to tell because of the annoying ET host's voice-over, the tone appears to be walking a balance between drama and comedy, in particular with the back-and-forth between McConaughey and Jared Leto, who lost more than 30lbs to play Woodruff's transvestite partner.

Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee and co-starring Jennifer Garner, Dallas Buyers Club will debut as part of the TIFF line-up then hit theaters on November 1st. We'll update this trailer with a better one soon.