New Posters for 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', 'Riddick', and 'Bad Grandpa'

Gravity? Who needs gravity when you can defy it as Ben Stiller does in the first poster for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Pulling double duty as director and star, Stiller plays a lonely man living an anonymous life who occasionally escapes into a fantasy world where he is the hero. He's joined by Kristen Wiig as a co-worker he seeks to impress by going on a global journey to save her job and those of his colleagues. The trailer suggests a more thoughtful film than we've seen out of Stiller lately, perhaps due to the script by Steve Conrad (The Weather Man), adapting James Thurber's short story. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty arrives on Christmas Day.

Considering Vin Diesel's popularity and connection with his fans, there will probably be a ton of people who rush to check out Riddick when it hits IMAX next week. Those hitting one of the early screenings will have a chance to snag this colorful piece of poster art, designed by Alex Fuentes. The image features Riddick and his four-legged sidekick (who gets rescued in this clip), stalking the desolate planet they're trapped on. Riddick hits theaters on September 6th.

A six-pack in one hand, that kid from Fun Size in the other. Johnny Knoxville has his hands full in the first poster for Bad Grandpa, based on the supposedly popular character he created as part of Jackass. Jeff Tremaine is directing with Spike Jonze co-writing the script, and it will combine the gang's usual pranks, a sprinkle of geriatric humor, and a narrative storyline involving a cross-country trek. Eh.  I love Jackass, but my interest for this is zero. Bad Grandpa opens on October 25th.

And finally, the debut poster for Sundance comedy Ass Backwards. The worst reviews I heard at the festival were reserved for this apparently raunchy film from writers and stars Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. Described by one of my pals as "Romy and Michele minus the laughs", the film centers on two inseparable best friends with a tenuous grip on reality, who ditch their city lives and head back home to win the beauty pageant they lost years before. Alicia Silverstone, Vincent D'Onofrio, Brian Geraghty, and Jon Cryer co-star, with Chris Nelson directing the film for release on November 8th. It will be available On Demand starting September 30th.