As 'Pacific Rim' Hits Japan, Guillermo Del Toro Visits Life-Size Gundam

We're all really big fans of Pacific Rim around here, and despite the film not really doing much at the domestic box office, we all held out hope that it would clean up internationally. So far that's turned out to be the case, with the giant robot flick racking up $247M overseas for a worldwide haul over $340M, and keeping hope alive for a sequel. While it's done the most damage in China ($76M), it's in Japan that the film is expected to be huge, and Guillermo Del Toro hit Odaiba island to take in some of the Japanese pop culture that was such a large influence.

As Pacific Rim opened in Japan over the weekend (no numbers on it yet, though), Del Toro and actresses Rinko Kikuchi and Mana Ashida (both played Mako Mori in the film) visited the Gundam Front Tokyo where they took in the more than 1000 Gundam models and he talked about the mecha that inspired his Jaeger designs. Other than Del Toro fumbling around for money to buy ice cream with, the highlight is a visit to the life-sized 59-foot Gundam statue.

Nothing really newsworthy here, it's just cool to see Del Toro putting himself out there to make sure Pacific Rim reaches as many people as possible.