X-Force Movie Confirmed; Fox to Announce Expanded X-men Universe at Comic-Con

Although we've only seen bits and pieces of it on screen, the X-men universe goes way beyond Charles Xavier's little band of merry mutants. There are multiple teams in operation, many within the X-men themselves, and it's been a little surprising up to this point that 20th Century Fox have been reluctant to do anything with them. Over the last few days, rumors have been circulating that perhaps that was about to change, and now we have a confirmation of sorts, from a source that would definitely know.

The whispers that Fox was looking to expand their cinematic X-men universe began when X-MenFilms noticed that the studio had registered an "x-forcemovie.com" as an official URL, which pretty much seals the deal that this is actually happening. But in case there was any doubt, hated artist and X-force creator Rob Liefeld took to Twitter to confirm he knew long before everybody else....

Liefeld is probably the last person X-men fans want to be trusting, but the fact is Marvel would need to let him know if something was happening with the team he started back during the 1990s. Bleeding Cool has learned that Fox will be announcing not only X-Force, but a wider X-men universe, as part of their Hall H panel at Comic-Con on Saturday July 20th. Will I be there? Hot damn you bet I will be. Liefeld went on to say that the film is in the very early stages, but he also suggested a Magneto solo film was in the works, which sounds like very old information.

X-force was created during a time when Marvel, and all of superhero comics really, was in the midst of a superstar artist craze, and at the forefront of it was Rob Liefeld. He helped usher in an era where big guns and big muscles was more important than story or character development, and part of that movement was X-force, which was led by the time-traveling mutant named Cable (the long lost son of Scott "Cyclops" Summers). The other members were a combination of Charles Xavier's New Mutants, the White Queen's Hellions, and others who strayed in from various places. They were a more violent bunch, who preferred to take the fight to the enemy rather than waiting for something terrible to happen.  The team's roster and mission statement has changed numerous times over the years, with other prominent additions including Wolverine, Deadpool, Storm, and Bishop. All of those characters, it's worth noting, will either appear in X-men: Days of Future Past or have a solo film in the works.

X-Force appeared on my list of 5 X-men in need of a movie, and clearly someone at Fox was paying attention. The eam has always been my favorite of all of the X-men, and their creation led to my favorite crossover of all-time, X-Cutioner's Song. If you haven't read it, now may be a good time to catch up. We'll let you know as soon as more on this is heard.