Trio of Posters for Sundance Hits 'Lovelace', 'Afternoon Delight', and 'In A World...'

The summer is more than just when studios throw their most expensive baubles out there for the masses to fawn over, it's also when many of the early season festival films make their move into art houses. You can usually count on at least one to emerge as a sleeper hit, and three that have a pretty good shot at it are about to make their debuts. New posters have been released for Lake Bell's directorial debut, In A World...., the indie comedy Afternoon Delight, and Amanda Seyfried's controversial biopic, Lovelace.

The uber-talented Lake Bell features on the image for In A World...., which takes a hilarious look at a side of the movie biz nobody really talks about, that of the trailer voice-over specialist. Bell plays the daughter of a famous voice guy who gets into the industry herself and finds that following in his footsteps is much harder than she thought. The cast is outstanding with Fred Melemed, Demitri Martin, Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Eva Longoria, and Nick Offerman co-starring, and the tone somewhere in the realm of a Christopher Guest comedy. In A World...opens in limited release on August 9th.

Jill Soloway took home Best Director award in Park City for Afternoon Delight, which stars fantastic character actress Kathryn Hahn as a bored housewife who goes to a strip club to spice up her marriage,and ends up getting involved with a stripper played by Juno Temple. The new poster is a clever mix of the lead character's boring home life with the neon-lit world of exotic dancing.  Afternoon Delight hits theaters on August 30th.

And then there's Lovelace, which has Amanda Seyfried in her most challenging role yet as porn legend and Deep Throat star, Linda Lovelace. Well, the role is brave on paper, anyway. The film from directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Howl) has designs on being the next Boogie Nights, but it doesn't go in-depth enough to be anything more than just a novelty act. In my review, I noted that the main goal seems to be to let Lovelace off the hook for the many awful decisions she made, and the campy tone gives way to a plethora of distracting celebrity cameos. Lovelace opens on August 9th, and maybe some will see it differently than I did.