New Trailer for Wong Kar-Wai's Martial Arts Epic 'The Grandmaster'

It's almost like we're entering a new era of indie martial arts flicks. Last year we had The Raid: Redemption, Keanu Reeves is giving us Man of Tai Chi, and in just about a month Wong Kar-Wai will grace us with his eternally-developing epic, The Grandmaster. Yes, the wait is almost over.

A new trailer has been released and it's nothing but pure Wing Chun action, enough to make American audiences forget it's not in English. Starring Kar-Wai favorite, Tony Leung (2046, In the Mood for Love), the story centers on the legendary Yip Man, the Wing Chun master who helped train Bruce Lee. There's plenty of new footage in this cut, highlighting the stylized action, and it's amazing to see how Kar-Wai has adapted his romantic, graceful cinematic style into the world of martial arts.

Also starring Zhang Ziyi and Cung Le, The Grandmaster finally hits theaters in limited release on August 23rd.