New "Resistance" Trailer for 'Pacific Rim' As Early Reviews Roll In

As we turn the corner on the summer blockbuster season, only a couple of major tentpoles are left to be sorted out, and while The Wolverine will have a lot of eyes on it later this month, it's nothing compared to the attention Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim is going to receive. Warner Bros. has been pulling out all of the stops to staunch the flow of bad press, beginning with tracking projections that have it debuting behind the abysmal-looking Grown Ups 2, not to mention the general perception on social media that the film is little more than a Transformers knock-off. We dealt with this a great deal on the Punch Drunk Podcast yesterday, and to say we were pissed over Del Toro being compared to Michael Bay is an understatement.

Certainly it helps to have Kanye West come out and say Pacific Rim is one of his all-time favorites, and now that early reviews are starting to land with major outlets like THR, Bleeding Cool, the Telegraph, and Total Film giving it high praise. Most of the positive buzz stems from the film's scale and action, with more than one outlet referring to it as "big dumb" blockbuster stuff, which probably isn't what Del Toro was going for but appears to have achieved nonetheless. Variety was a little more reserved, comparing it to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at one point, and not in a good way. Still, the pros far outweigh the cons, and is as good a way as any to launch into the film's debut on Thursday night. 

In one last ditch effort to win over those on the fence, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released one more trailer, titled 'Resistance', and again does a pretty good job of highlighting the human pilots as much as the giant robots and monsters.