Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig Together Again for 'Susan Cooper'

For obvious reasons, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig are in no hurry to quit one another. Their success with Bridesmaids and this year's The Heat has them looking for more ways to keep working together, and now it sounds like they'll reunite for a project that Feig is hoping will develop into a franchise.

McCarthy has taken the lead role in Susan Cooper, a spy flick Feig began discussing just last month. Essentially it's aim is to be a "realistic" female-driven James Bond film, inspired by Feig's love of Casino Royale. While it doesn't exactly sound like a natural fit for McCarthy, Feig has been pretty good at bringing out the best in her.

We haven't heard much about another project the two are collaborating on, the "unconventional love story" Dumb Jock that may co-star Jon Hamm. Hopefully that one is still alive and kicking, because it sounds like there could be some trouble rounding up a sequel to The Heat.