Ashton Kutcher's "The Butterfly Effect" to get the reboot treatment

You know what's weird? That we're living in a day and age now when Ashton Kutcher movies get the reboot treatment. Read the sentence again. Ashton Kutcher - the guy who is basically only still relevant for marrying and then promptly cheating on Demi Moore, and now somehow being lucky enough to bag Mila Kunis - has been in a movie that people with money think is good enough to create again. Namely, The Butterfly Effect, which will be hitting our theaters sometime in the near future.


I guess, if I'm being cynical, this isn't that surprising since the R-rated sci-fi flick The Butterfly Effect made $96 million on a $13 million budget back in 2004, and its direct-to-DVD sequels have done well in sales, and it was probably easy for the studios FilmEngine and Benderspink to get original writer and director Eric Bress to return to write this thing again. And so he is.

But of note is that there is no director attached yet, and Bress's co-writer and co-director J. Mackye Gruber isn't on board, and there's no discussion of who will star in the film, either. I think it would be pretty interesting to cast Logan Lerman, who played a young version of Kutcher's character and is now doing good things like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, even if his Percy Jackson films are pretty kitschy. But maybe the producers and Bress are hoping Kutcher will come back to time travel again? Or will his busy schedule of somehow-being-able-to-wake-up-next-to-Mila get in the way? That son of a bitch has the best luck. [Variety]