Robert De Niro and John Travolta Face Off in the 'Killing Season' Trailer

When Killing Season was first announced, going under the generic name of Shrapnel, its reason for existence was that it would reunite Face/Off stars Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. 1980s throwback John McTiernan (Predator) would have directed, but for a variety of reasons largely involving a judge's gavel, he would be replaced by Mark Steven Johnson, who gave us the first Ghost Rider film. Cage also left, and the odd decision was made to cast Robert De Niro in his place. And now all of these sketchy pieces come together in the film's first trailer.

With the stink of "$5 bin at Target" all over it, the film stars De Niro as a Bosnian War vet who strikes up a friendship with Travolta, despite the small animal that died on his face and the alarming European accent. When Travolta turn out to be a Serbian soldier bent on revenge, all Hell breaks loose in the Appalachian Mountains. "All Hell" as in some pretty standard action with bows, arrows, explosions, and moving at the pace you'd expect from two guys with a combined age of 130.

Are we absolutely certain this isn't a backdoor sequel to Killer Elite? Prove to me it's not. Killing Season hits VOD and limited release on July 12th.