Rachel McAdams & Noomi Rapace Are Sexy and Dangerous In New 'Passion' Trailer

The erotic thriller use to be a reliable Hollywood staple not that long ago (remember Diane Lane in Unfaithful?), but they fell out of favor and haven't really been seen much in awhile. That seems to be turning around now, though, with Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects earlier this year, and Fifty Shades of Grey on the way. And as the genre starts to make a comeback, it may also be one for Brian De Palma with his first genre film in years, Passion.

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace star in the remake of 2010's French thriller, Love Crime, as two professional women looking to climb the corporate ladder at a multinational corporation. Their friendly relationship takes a turn for the deadly and seductive when their personal passions collide with career ambitions. In every way this looks like a trashy guilty pleasure, just as the original film was, and the latest trailer cements it by reveling in the girl-on-girl action between its two leads. Can't really blame the marketing department for that, though.

Passion opens hits VOD on August 1st, then theaters on August 30th.