Queen Latifah Developing Film Based On Meek Mill Rap Single "The Tony Story"

Back when I used to care about the Flavor Unit they were a hip-hop super group made up of Queen Latifah, Black Sheep, Channel Live, and Naughty By Nature. Latifah expanded on it, though, building Flavor Unit Entertainment, which has gone on to produce films like the Steel Magnolias remake, Beauty Shop, and others the legendary rapper features prominently in. But now they're going in a slightly different direction and prepping a film with a different hip hop star in the lead.

Deadline reports that Flavor Unit and Dream Chasers Films are collaborating to produce a film based on the Meek Mill track, "The Tony Story". Is it bad that I have zero friggin' clue who Meek Mill is? That make me old or something? Anyway, the lead role will be played by Mill himself, and is described as a "fictional American crime drama influenced by Mill’s experiences growing up hard in Philadelphia."  Movies about and starring rappers tend to be pretty terrible, partially because most couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag, and the other because their life stories aren't as interesting as they seem to think.

As bad as this sounds, there is reason for some optimism as Cess Silvera, director of the powerful Jamaican crime film Shottas will be at the helm.