New Trailer For Larry David's HBO Comedy 'Clear History'

There's probably little chance at this point that a ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is going to happen, although Larry David has said he'll wait until his HBO comedy Clear History is all wrapped up before making that decision. Clear History is David's first crack at a leading role since Woody Allen's Whatever Works, and it has the famous curmudgeon essentially playing himself again. It also appears, at least from this latest trailer, that David is blatantly ripping off gags from his Seinfeld days.

David, looking like a hippie extra just off the Wanderlust set, plays an ad exec at an electric car company who screws himself out of billions over a petty argument with his boss (Jon Hamm) regarding the name of his latest concept vehicle. Of course he seeks revenge at the first opportunity that arises, and David gets plenty of opportunity to be the angry and observational old coot we love him for. The trailer has more than its share of laughs, and with a cast that includes Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, JB Smoove, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Amy Ryan, and Eva Mendes there's a phenomenal amount of talent that David has managed to put together. But it's hard to escape that many of the jokes are extremely familiar, especially to Seinfeld fans who will immediately recognize the "apology" gag from the popular James Spader episode of the classic show, appropriately titled "The Apology".

Well, if old material is going to be recycled it couldn't come from a better place than Seinfeld. Greatest...sitcom....ever. Penned by David and directed by Greg Mottola, Clear History airs on August 10th.