Learn the True Story Behind 'The Conjuring' In the Latest Trailer

Horror movies have worn out the "based on a true story" label to the point that the bounds of credibility no longer exists. The presumption is that by suggesting these events really happened, they somehow make a film scarier in the moment, although there's no real evidence that's the case. James Wan is probably the last director who needs to rely on gimmicks, his latest film The Conjuring looks creepy enough, but he's going the extra mile to let us know the events we're about to witness did actually occur.

The latest trailer highlights real life Perron family, who for years experienced supernatural events in their Rhode Island home. As they share their terrifying story, we see the parallels in the film and it makes for a pretty impressive package and a brilliant marketing strategy. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, best known for taking on the Amityville case, but find that the Perrons are dealing with an even darker presence.

The Conjuring possesses theaters on July 19th.