James Badge Dale Joins 'Stretch'; 'Veronica Mars' Adds Martin Starr and Ken Marino; Brad Copeland To Pen 'Knight Rider'

* James Badge Dale has had a pretty good run of flashy supporting roles of late, appearing in World War Z, Iron Man 3, and Flight. Now his The Grey director, Joe Carnahan, has taken to Twitter to reveal Dale's role in the indie action comedy, Stretch. While his role is unknown, he'll join Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Ed Helms, and Brooklyn Decker in the story of a hard-luck chauffeur who seeks to pay off his debt by driving around a mysterious billionaire, only to have the trip turn into a nightmare.

* It's not going to be a total Veronica Mars reunion for Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell. They're adding some new faces as well, and one of those is fellow Party Down alum, Martin Starr. After rumors began surfacing last week, Thomas revealed to fans that Starr had joined in the new role of Lou "Cobb" Cobbler. Thomas also confirmed that Ken Marino would be back as fellow P.I., Vinnie Van Lowe. With all of these Party Down castmembers, maybe they can shoot that movie while they're at it?

* So how do you make silly 1980s TV series Knight Rider modern and cool when today's cars are more advances than K.I.T.T. ever was? We could be about to find out as The Weinstein Company are keen on bringing it to the big screen, hiring Brad Copeland (Arrested Development) to begin work on a script. The original show was largely responsible for the David Hasselhoff problem we're still dealing with, as he played crime fighter Michael Knight, an ex-detective now working with his talking car, K.I.T.T. A 2008 TV relaunch didn't last very long, but with so many movie franchises centered around high-powered vehicles now may be a good time to take a fresh approach. Which may be why they hired Copeland, a writer known mostly for his comedic work. We could be looking at an oddball car/human buddy comedy. Copeland's directorial debut, Coffee Town, is due to open next month.