Harmony Korine is giving 'Spring Breakers' the chopped-and-screwed treatment

Spring break forever! Spring Breakers is getting a remix, bitches, and that may potentially mean an all-new version of the movie from Harmony Korine that blew parents' minds earlier this spring. And by "blew parents' minds" I mean, "freaked out parents who thought Selena Gomez was a good girl."

According to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, director Korine is planning to create a "chopped-and-screwed" version of his own movie, which - if you know anything about the term, it's a genre of Southern hip-hop that is all about messing with recorded vocals - probably means he'll mess with the story's narrative and rearrange it in a certain way. To be fair, the movie already kind of does this (I remember PDC colleague Julian Lytle actually using the term to describe the film months ago, when no news of this treatment had even been discussed, so Julian is basically a genius) by flashing back and forth between various times in the story, repeating various lines of dialogue throughout, and generally just fucking with the idea of a straightforward, logical progression storyline. So a remix would fuck that idea up even more, yes? And I can get behind that.

Of course, it's not like Spring Breakers was for everyone - I remember a clear line between the people I know who either overwhelmingly adored it or thoroughly, resentfully hated it - and I doubt this chopped-and-screwed version is going to appeal to more people. But as Korine told the Los Angeles Times, it will "be an interesting experiment" that he will probably release on a future DVD or on iTunes, and with Korine in creative control of his own project, that's not a bad thing. May I personally vote for more James Franco time? Because he was amazing. And this is coming from someone who normally hates James Franco! MORE. FRANCO.

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