First Trailer for Sebastian Silva's 'Magic Magic' starring Michael Cera and Juno Temple

Sebastian Silva and Michael Cera teamed up for a pair of similarly-toned movies at the Sundance Film Festival. One was the druggie road trip "comedy" Crystal Fairy, and the other was the psycho-thriller Magic Magic. During my conversation with Silva and the cast, they talked about how the two films are very closely related, and it's true. Both approach their subjects from a distance, almost like a documentary in some ways, and deal with issues of friendship, loyalty, obsession, and insecurity. They both also show a dark side to Cera that we've never seen before.  So it's a little odd that Crystal Fairy will hit theaters next month, while Magic Magic is headed straight-to-DVD.

The first trailer has hit the web, and it gives a good look at the foreboding tone and the creepy character Cera plays. It's a more twisted take on the sex-obsessed blowhard he plays in This Is the End, and his performance is downright chilling. His character plays a large part in the psychological breakdown of a young American girl vacationing in Chile, left alone with strangers after her friend departs. Juno Temple takes on the lead role, with Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Agustin Silva co-starring. 

Magic Magic hits DVD on August 6th. Check out the trailer below and my review here.