Edgar Wright Denies Those Armie Hammer As Ant-Man Rumors

This is why rumors are fun to talk about, even if most of the time they turn out not to mean anything. Yesterday the Internet was abuzz with a rumor that Edgar Wright and Armie Hammer were spotted on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier set, presumably setting up something involving Ant-Man. While there still hasn't been any photographic evidence of this happening, Hammer admitted to being there during an awkward interview, saying he went alone to visit a friend. Not that the interviewer believed him. But now Wright has taken to denying it as well, through a series of tweets...

At some point Marvel is going to have to introduce Ant-Man into the picture, and the most likely place for that to happen is either in Captain America 2 or Thor: The Dark World. At this point Marvel is good enough at keeping secrets to not have a major one exposed by having the director and star hanging out on set.

Ant-Man is due to open on November 6th 2015.