Dwayne Johnson Hits Rock Bottom In The 'Empire State' Trailer

Hey, they can't all be gems, right Dwayne Johnson? Mr. Franchise Viagra himself has been on a monster streak this year, with practically every film he's been a part of exceeding expectations. Ok, maybe not Pain & Gain but it didn't do so bad. Most probably forgot that Johnson signed on awhile ago to star in Empire State, a cop drama co-starring Liam Hemsworth and directed by Dito Montiel. How exactly does a movie with Johnson and Hemsworth disappear into the ether the way this one did? Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself.

The story is based on the 1982 robbery of the Sentry Armored Car Company, which netted over $11M and for a time was the biggest cash theft in U.S. history. Cool premise, right? But the actual film looks generic as all get-out, despite a solid supporting cast that includes Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, and Nikki Reed. Johnson plays a cop pursuing Hemsworth and Angarano for the crime, although various other criminal elements appear to be staking their claim.

Montiel has actually done some decent work in the past but this probably isn't one of them, otherwise Empire State would be getting a national release instead of hitting the Best Buy DVD aisle on September 3rd.