Christopher McQuarrie Back to Write and Direct 'Unforgiven'

It was a few years ago that Christopher McQuarrie was set to pen an adaptation of the U.K. miniseries, Unforgiven, as a potential starring role for Angelina Jolie. He soon got too busy directing Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, and it was The Lookout director Scott Frank who took over. But now it looks like Frank is out, and the reins handed back over to McQuarrie.

Deadline reports that McQuarrie has again come aboard to produce, write, and direct the film based on the 2009 BAFTA-nominated series that starred Suranne Jones as Ruth Slater, a woman convicted of murdering two cops as they tried to evict her family from their farmhouse. Fifteen years later, Ruth is released from prison and looking for a fresh start, but she's targeted for revenge by the sons of one of her victims.

It may be awhile before McQuarrie has time to get moving on it, as he's still expected to rejoin Cruise for Mission: Impossible 5, and that obviously would take priority.