'Captain America 2' Surprise Cameo; Possible 'Doctor Strange' Villains Revealed

Steve Rogers won't be doing any time traveling in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so we can reasonably expect he won't be revisiting the WWII era any time soon. That means most of the characters from the first film won't be turning up, with the most obvious exception of Bucky, who has returned as the assassin known as Winter Soldier. It also means Cap is likely going to be searching for a new lady love, and some recent set photos make it pretty clear he'll be stealing a few kisses with none other than Black Widow.

That's not all, though, as a new image captured by the Cleveland Heights Patch (via Bleeding Cool) shows another familiar face will be making an appearance, and it's one that can promises to complicate any matters of the heart. Spoilers beyond this point, folks!

As you can see, that's an aged up Hayley Atwell in the third image, in what looks to be a a scene set in the present day. The caption says it's taking place at "a nursing home where Cap, played by Chris Evans, is visiting with his fellow World War II veterans." So it looks like Cap will be mending old fences with Peggy Carter before moving on to new ones with Black Widow. Fortunately we'll get to see Peggy as her younger, butt-kicking self in a new Marvel One-Shot debuting at Comic-Con. You'd best believe I'll try to be there for that.

And moving on to Doctor Strange, which has a better than average shot of being one of the two mystery films Marvel recently set dates for. Latino Review has come up with what they say are going to be the three villains the good Doctor will be facing, and they're exactly who you would expect them to be. So much so that I've had a hard time drumming up the fire to even post this, because this is truly the low-hanging fruit of movie rumors.

So the story says that Strange's primary foe will be his chief nemesis, Dormammu, the all-powerful mystical ruler of a dark alternate dimension. Because of his very nature as an ancient uber-demon, his powers are pretty much limitless. Dormammu's henchman would be Baron Mordo, the black mage who trained under the same mentor as Strange. This strikes me as a little off, as Mordo would make more sense as the main villain as he and Strange are basically polar opposites. Also appearing in a major action sequence will be the monstrous Mindless Ones, who are basically the mystical foot soldiers of the Marvel Universe.

This almost sounds too plausible to be true, if that makes any sense. It sounds like what someone thinks a Doctor Strange movie would be, not like what it may actually turn out to be.  We can reasonably expect that Dormammu and Mordo will play a part in the film, but it's way too early to know exactly what they'll be doing.