Akon, Adrien Brody, and Jordan Brewster Join 'American Heist'

Nobody's going to confuse The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery for one of Steve McQueen's finer films,which may turn out to be a good thing now that it's being remade. There won't be too many who take offense if the new version, titled American Heist, turns out to be crap. Based solely on the oddball cast and the unknown director, it will at least be an interesting film to watch develop.

Anakin Skywalker....er, Hayden Christensen is being joined by The Pianist Adrien Brody, that Fast & Furious gal with the eyebrows Jordana Brewster, and rapper Akon (he's still rapping, right?) in the film directed by Sarik Andreasyan. Andreasyan isn't a newbie by any means, as he has a lengthy resume of movies you've never seen. The story is beyond familiar, following two brothers on opposing sides of the law whose loyalty to one another is tested when a bank robbery led by a gang of criminals goes wrong.

American Heist is filming now. [Deadline]