Spider-Man will "never ever ever" leave Sony control

So yesterday a pretty big rumor surfaced, one suggesting the possibility of Spider-Man's film rights heading back to Marvel. The story was sparked by a legit bit of news that Sony was considering the idea of publicly selling off parts of their entertainment division, including Spider-Man, Resident Evil, and a couple of others.  Potentially a huge deal, right? Because that would obviously lead to Spidey swinging onto a SHIELD helicarrier in The Avengers 5 or something, right? Well, no.

Ain't It Cool News caught up with Sony Pictures Co-Chair Amy Pascal, and asked her if there was any truth to it. Her response was that she believes her own legacy with the company is tied into Spider-Man, and that she would "never ever ever" let the rights go. Pretty cut 'n dried, right? It's probably not ever going to happen, us seeing Spider-Man battling alongside Iron Man.

Admittedly, I'm a novice when it comes to the ways of accounting and business and all that jazz, but I'm not completely sure the final decision would be up to Pascal. Obviously she would play a major part, but there are elements at play here. The shareholders do have some say here, and so does Sony President Kazuo Hirai, whose comments sparked off the firestorm to begin with. AICN then goes on to wonder "in this day and age, what fool would get rid of a Marvel property?". Tell that to 20th Century Fox...or how about asking Sony themselves, since it was their Columbia Pictures branch that let Ghost Rider revert back to Marvel control?

The fact is, Spider-man isn't going anywhere, so the only hope we have of seeing some sort of awesome superhero crossover is if all of the studios come to some sort of deal. Fat chance of that.