Lars Von Trier drops a suggestive first poster for 'Nymphomaniac'

Considering what we already know about Lars Von Trier's two-part sexual epic, Nymphomaniac, it's probably safe to assume exactly what message he's trying to get across in the first poster. A Cannes premier is off the table at this point, as Von Trier hasn't come back since he was booted a couple of years ago after an impromptu Nazi rant, but you can bet the film will still be a hot topic of discussion among attendees and investors.

Divided into two chapters, each with a hardcore and softcore version, Von Trier favorite Charlotte Gainsbourg leads a strong ensemble as a woman who recounts her sordid sexual history to a stranger after he finds her beaten up in an alley. Stellan Skarsgard plays the man she tells the erotic tale to, and we're expected to see a lot of skin from Shia LaBeouf, Connie Nielsen, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, Christian Slater, and Uma Thurman. This is essentially a porno film with big name stars, with actual sex depicted on screen. Doubtful even the softcore version will make it into your local multiplex.

With a tagline of "Forget About Love", don't expect to see a lot of romantic overtures being made. But then again, why would you ever expect that from Von Trier anyway? Nymphomaniac is expected to open later this year.