It'll be Salma Hayek, not Kate Hudson, battling waves of assassins in 'Everly'

More than a year ago it was looking like Kate Hudson would make an interesting career swerve by taking on the lead role in Everly, a non-stop action film from The Knights of Badassdom director, Joe Lynch. The script by Yale Hannon turned up on the Black List and has been touted for its absurd levels of violence, making this one of the more interesting films on the horizon. But the film vanished from radars, and now that it has resurfaced Hudson is apparently out, replaced by Salma Hayek.

The conceit of the story is pretty clever, following a hard luck woman who must fend off wave after wave of assassins sent by her ex-lover, a dangerous mob boss. While that sounds like it has some cool The Raid: Redemption-style potential, the camera never leaves the apartment where Everly is being attacked, making it a slightly expanded "single-set" brawler with a female heroine. Yes, this sounds awesome, although personally I wish Hudson had stuck around.

Hayek will be seen this summer in Grown Ups 2, which is around the same time Everly will begin filming in Serbia.[Deadline]