New trailer for break dancing film 'Battle of the Year' starring Josh Holloway and Chris Brown

That's right, break dancing and Lost's Josh Holloway. You see something wrong with that? The 2005 documentary Battle of the Year focused on the annual B-boy dance competition that attracts thousands of attendees to witness the world's best crews in action. It was a solid film if you're into the world of break dancing (which I am), but there was nothing truly memorable about it. With the Step Up flicks riding a wave of popularity and reinvigorating the dance movie genre, Benson Lee began developing a feature film version of his doc, and now a new trailer for it has hit the web.

Holloway, who couldn't be more out of place, plays a basketball coach who is convinced by his rap mogul buddy (Laz Alonso) to coach an American B-Boy crew to the international Battle of the Year championship, even though no team from the U.S. has won in fifteen years. It's a little odd to see the sports drama model employed for what is essentially Step Up meets Stomp the Yard, but there may be some entertainment value in watching Josh Peck (The Wackness) and TMZ headliner Chris Brown bust out a few headspins.

Battle of the Year (formerly known as Planet B-Boy, which would have been better) opens on September 13th, where it'll tango with Machete Kills and Insidious Chapter 2.