Chinese 'Iron Man 3' footage to be recut into a new short film


Iron Man fanboys were sent into an Internet tizzy when word came down that the Chinese release of Iron Man 3 would feature exclusive scenes. They didn't really amount to anything major, and certainly didn't impact the film, but Marvel has decided to play nice and make those scenes available here in the States in the form of a new short.

Titled The Prologue, the 3-minutes of footage will be set before the events of the film and follow Dr. Wu (Chinese superstar Wang Xueqi), who has exactly 10-seconds of screen time in our domestic version.  Look closely and you'll catch very brief glimpses of Wu in the beginning and near the end.

It's unclear if Marvel will make this one of their series of One-Shot films and have it as an extra feature on the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray (pre-order it here), or if they'll release it on the Internet. They might do both, actually. [Superhero Hype]