Anthony Hopkins joins 'Gotti'; Chris Evans eyes 'The Ten O'Clock People'; McG to direct 'Hunter Killer'

* Now that all of its behind-the-scenes issues are a thing of the past, Joe Johnston's long-gestating Gotti biopic is finally adding to the cast, which currently includes John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. The latest to sign on is Anthony Hopkins, taking an unspecified role in the Leo Rossi-scripted film about mafia boss John Gotti and his son, who leaves the criminal world behind and seeks redemption. Filming begins this September. [Variety]

* It's Justin Long out, Chris Evans potentially in to star in an adaptation of Stephen King's short story The Ten O'Clock People. Scheduling issues have forced Long to drop out of the film to be directed by Tom Holland (Fright Night) and centering on Brandon Peterson, a Boston man attempting to kick his smoking habit and uncovers a frightening aspect of reality in the process. Rachel Nichols was also set to co-star but it's unclear if she's still attached. [Empire]

* First it was Philip Noyce, then it was Antoine Fuqua, and now it looks like McG will be the next director attempting to direct Hunter Killer. The film is based on Firing Point, the action novel by Don Keith and George Wallace which deals with a submarine captain who teams up with a NAVY Seal to rescue the Russian president. Originally slated for last December, scheduling issues have been a consistent issue, and now it looks like McG may be starting from scratch. Gerard Butler had been in line to star, but he and Fuqua went on to make Olympus Has Fallen together and could be seeking other projects. [Variety]