Will Ferrell and Jack Black to star in 'Tag Brothers'

How is it that Will Ferrell and Jack Black have never teamed on a comedy before? Black did make a memorable cameo in Anchorman where he punted Ron Burgundy's beloved pooch, and the two have been seen together in various photo shoots and at special events, but it's only now that someone has had the good sense to build a film around them.

The two are attached to star in Tag Brothers, and believe it or not it has nothing to do with pro wrestling. Nor is it some sort of Step Brothers spinoff, although there are plenty who would welcome it if that were the case. Based on a rather unbelievable true story, it centers on a group of friends who have been involved in a long-running game of tag. Now well into their 40s, the friends spend every February chasing or running away from one another in a game that stretches across the country. They rose to notoriety when an article in the Wall Street Journal chronicled their exploits.

Two other male leads still need to be found, but first Ferrell and Black need to be locked in. Whether they sign on will depend on if the screenplay by Mark Steilen (The Settlement) is up to par. [The Wrap]