Universal dates 'Fast & Furious' 7' for summer 2014; 'Pitch Perfect' sequel in 2015

Never let it be said that Vin Diesel's Facebook page isn't a reliable source of information. The action star recently posted Universal's plans to kickstart Fast & Furious 7 as soon as this summer, with the hopes of having it ready by the same time next year. Universal took to the floor at CinemaCon and proved Diesel's words to be true, setting the film for July 11th 2014.

The only question left now is what kind of impact this will have on the rest of the cast. We've already seen franchise director Justin Lin step down, only to be replaced by Insidious director James Wan. Dwayne Johnson, who helped carry Fast Five to a $620M haul, has also expressed doubt that he can meet the timetable, as he's set to shoot Brett Ratner's Hercules during that time. At the same time, it makes sense for Universal to want to move things forward, as the franchise has never been stronger than right now.

There was never any doubt there would be more Fast & Furious, it was just a matter of when. On the other hand, sequels to Snow White and the Huntsman and the surprise hit Pitch Perfect were less concrete. Universal has decided to officially move forward with both, aiming to drop them both on us in 2015.  After losing director Rupert Sanders and toying with booting out star Kristen Stewart, she will be back along with Chris Hemsworth, with the story expected to follow his Huntsman character extensively.

We first learned that the studio was planning for more Pitch Perfect late last year, and it's pretty obvious why. The film sung a pretty sweet tune at the box office, bringing in over $110M mostly on word-of-mouth and a smart social marketing campaign. Rebel Wilson is already being sought to return, and Skylar Astin has said he's been spoken to about coming back. That just leaves star Anna Kendrick, but it's doubtful Universal would move forward without her. She's a large part of the reason it was such a huge success, so much so that she just released a music video for "Cups", the main songs she performed in the a capella comedy. You can check that out below.