Tops at the Box Office: 'Oblivion' kicks off the blockbuster season with $38M debut

1. Oblivion- $38.15M
After a pair of box office disappointments in Rock of Ages and Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise is again back on top as Oblivion debuted to a strong $38M, a number that is similar to what Minority Report did more than a decade ago. Obviously, those were different times, and Oblivion has the benefit of IMAX prices to boost the numbers. Cruise is an international superstar whose films have always performed incredibly well overseas, and that trend continues with a $112M foreign haul, totaling $150M worldwide. Budgeted at $120M+, the film will certainly turn a profit even if the second weekend takes the usual sci-fi genre tumble. Curiously, audiences gave the film a B- Cinemascore, meaning that it could suffer from less than enthusiastic word of mouth.
2. 42- $18M/$54M
Sliding into a meager 34% drop and proving to be a solid hit is 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic led by newcomer Chadwick Boseman. The marketing never really pushed him as the star, as this was really about Robinson's incredible story, but Boseman will undoubtedly reap the benefits as an actor definitely on the rise. With the baseball season underway, and positive buzz from audiences, this could hang around for awhile push for a final score near $100M.
3. The Croods- $9.5M/$154.9M
4. Scary Movie 5- $6.3M/$22.9M
Well on its way to being the lowest-grossing of the franchise yet, this may be the final nail in the spoof series' coffin. Of course, these are pretty inexpensive films to make, and this one may eke out a profit yet. 
5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation- $5.77M/$111M
The interesting thing about G.I. Joe: Retaliation is that despite most considering it a superior film than 2009's effort, domestically it will fall far short of the prior's $150M total. With a global haul of $322M, overall it's a more successful film, but clearly G.I. Joe doesn't have much in the way of support at home. Kind of odd for the toy franchise dubbed the "Real American Heroes".
6. The Place Beyond the Pines- $4.7M/$11.4M
Expanding to over 1500 theaters in its fourth weekend, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper's powerful drama jumped up over 22%, but didn't exactly break the bank. A large part of the reason may be the off-putting title which just screams "art house snoozer"(even though it's anything but boring). And despite the adoration heaped on Gosling and Cooper, neither is a proven box office stud just yet.
7. Olympus Has Fallen- $4.5M/$88.8M
8. Evil Dead- $4.1M/$48.4M
9. Jurassic Park 3D- $4M/$38.5M
You know the 3D Blu-Ray is out in stores now, right?
10. Oz the Great and Powerful- $3M/$223.8M