Todd Field to write and direct adaptation of 'Beautiful Ruins'

When your first two features right out of the gate are the heavy family drama In the Bedroom and the acclaimed Little Children, it's no wonder that Todd Field's next film has been so eagerly anticipated. But it's been seven years since the last one, and while he's toyed with other projects like a big screen version of The Creed of Violence, nothing has really gotten off the ground. Now Field is back, and he's adapting yet another best-selling novel in Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins.

Field is set to produce and direct, while joining Walter in penning the screenplay for the rather ambitious film. The romantic story begins in Rome during the spring of 1962, and follows three characters who are connected through the troubled production of Cleopatra. Their relationship is rekindled decades later in modern day Hollywood. The press release goes into a little more detail....

"The epic story begins in the spring of 1962 off the Ligurian Sea and centers on three young characters whose orbit around one another is set in motion by an incident involving the international jet-set center, Rome, in the throws of "La Dolce Vita" madness during the shooting of Cleopatra, and continues for decades." 

Rounding up impressive talent to join his directorial efforts has never been a problem for the former actor, so don't be surprised if Field does it again for Beautiful Ruins.