Sure Shots: Catherine Hardwicke; Liam Hemsworth; Leighton Meester

* After venturing into tween territory with Twilight and Red Riding Hood, Catherine Hardwicke is back directing the sorts of tough youthful dramas that began her career. She recently completed her latest thriller, Plush, and has just lined up an adaptation of Karen Thompson Walker's best-selling, Oprah Book Club approved novel, The Age of Miracles. The story follows 10 year-old Julia, who awakens to discover that a natural phenomena has caused the earth's rotation to slow. The change stretches the days and nights, effects the gravity and begins to destroy everything in Julia's life. Seth Lockhead (Hanna) will adapt the script.

* Even though he's a key fixture in The Hunger Games franchise, and recently appeared in The Expendables 2, Liam Hemsworth has yet to match his big brother Chris by landing a blockbuster all his own. That could be changing as he's now set to star in The Raven, which thankfully has nothing to do with the awful John Cusack film. This one is directed by Ricardo de Montreui and based on his futuristic sci-fi short film, a conspiracy thriller about a man hunted for his supernatural powers.  Michael Gilio and Justin Marks will collaborate on the script, with Mark Wahlberg producing. [Deadline]

* Leighton Meester (The Roommate) and Jeremy Strong (Zero Dark Thirty) are the latest to join Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge, the comedy-drama directed by David Dobkin. Also starring Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Dax Shepard and Vincent D'Onofrio, the film follows a lawyer who returns home for his mother's funeral, only to discover that his father, an local judge, has become a suspect in her death. Meester will play Farmiga's daughter, while Strong is the younger brother to Downey and D'Onofrio.