Say Yo Joe to more dough! Third 'G.I. Joe' film in the works


The proof is right there in black and white...and green. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a hit, debuting to a worldwide haul of $132M, the second largest Easter opening in box office history. With numbers like that, a sequel was inevitable, and now Variety reports that the Joes and Cobra will slug it out in a third film to be shot in 3D.

Paramount has already given the film a thumbs up, a no-brainer considering the muscular $80M the film did overseas, coupled with a healthy $51M domestic. The irony is that 2009's The Rise of Cobra went with a more internationally diverse cast in order to court foreign markets, but it's the sequel that is on a course to outpace it substantially.  Factor in that the sequel only cost about $45M less than its predecessor and 'Retaliation' is a success in just about every measure, and that's without including what should be brisk business on the DVD/Blu-Ray market, not to mention toy sales for Hasbro.

The biggest winner of all may be Dwayne Johnson, who has been like a B12 shot for flagging franchises. He's proven to be box office gold, and with talk of him leading a Fast & Furious spinoff, he could be more in-demand than ever.

There are no plot details for what the next G.I. Joe film could entail, but producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura has expressed a desire to add even more ninja backstory, while also putting more emphasis on the interpersonal relationships among the Joes.  It also remains to be seen if Jon Chu will be back to direct, although one has to assume Paramount will want to keep as many pieces in place as possible.

Did you see G.I. Joe: Retaliation this weekend? John and Julian were split on it, while I'm going to check it out later today with a review to come shortly. Was it good enough to justify a threequel? And what would you like to see them cover the next time?