Ryan Reynolds teams up with Tarsem for 'Selfless'

The knock on visual auteur Tarsem Singh has always been that his films are certainly breathtaking and imaginatively constructed, but that the stories never quite measure up. I would take issue with that when it comes his incredible sophomore film, The Fall, but certainly think the criticism applies to Mirror Mirror and Immortals. He'll get another shot to put his creative eye to good use helming a film with a far out premise that should be right up his alley.

Tarsem will team up with Ryan Reynolds on Selfless, which features a script by Alex and David Pastor (Carriers), that is simply bazarre...

"An extremely wealthy, elderly man dying from cancer undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness to the body of a healthy young man but everything may not be as good as it seems when he starts to uncover the mystery of the body’s origins and the secret organization that will kill to keep its secrets."

So it's kind of like what Reynolds was doing in The Change-Up, only much darker and hopefully a lot more entertaining? Sounds just crazy enough to work, actually, especially if the script is strong enough to support what  Tarsem will surely bring behind the camera. No word on when this will roll as Reynolds is currently filming Marjane Satrapi's The Voices. Tarsem has been attached to a major Marco Polo biopic that we haven't heard anything about since Gong Li came aboard last year.  [Deadline]