New poster and photos from 'Mud' with Matthew McConaughey

If everything pans out, Matthew McConaughey may be journeying into deep space as part of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, but his recent renaissance has largely been thanks to grounded character portrayals. Even in Richard Linklater's quirky murder comedy, Bernie, and Steven Soderbergh's stripper fantasy Magic Mike, McConaughey managed to imbue his characters with a certain honesty that stood out. Not something we'd have been expecting to say about the actor just a few years ago when he was starring in dreck like Failure to Launch.

But McConaughey's most acclaimed performance may be right around the corner, as Jeff Nichols' Mud is finally set to hit theaters after a debuting on the festival circuit last year. A new French poster and a handful of photos have been released for the film, set in the deep south and following two boys who help the titular escaped convict evade the cops and be reunited with his lady love, Juniper. The images give us a better look at McConaughey as Mud, while also showing Reese Witherspoon in what could be the sort of gritty performance we haven't seen from her in ages.

Also starring Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland, Sam Shepard, and Michael Shannon, Mud hits theaters on April 26th.