Has Zack Snyder agreed to direct 'Justice League'?

As Warner Bros. has been trying to figure out their plans for a Justice League film, one name that has been mentioned as a contender to direct it has been Zack Snyder. It was an obvious assumption to make, considering the strong buzz surrounding Man of Steel, and it makes sense for the studio to want to expand on the relationship. Snyder has mostly deflected these rumors by just refusing to comment, but now some evidence has emerged that suggests he may have already made a decision.

Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer was another name on that short list of possibilities, and Screen Crush took the time to ask him about it during a recent interview. Fleischer's response indicates that he's no longer a contender, but only because Snyder already has the gig....

Fleischer: "Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing."

While that's hardly a concrete, stone cold leadpipe lock of a statement, one has to remember that Fleischer worked with Justice League writer Will Beall on Gangster Squad, so he may have some inside information. Or, he may just be speculating based on industry scuttlebutt. Does it really make sense that Fleischer would give up on a job like this based on mere rumors, though? Not really.

Beall's script was reportedly thrown out, with The Dark Knight and Man of Steel scribe David Goyer taking over. There's every reason to believe that Warner Bros. would want that duo together again on a project as important as Justice League. We'll see what happens, but expect an announcement of some sort to arrive soon.