Does Warner Bros. see Charlie Hunnam as The Flash?

Guillermo Del Toro and Warner Bros. are really getting along famously right now, with wildly positive buzz on his Pacific Rim coming from the studio. They've already moved forward with his horror film, Crimson Peak, and development seems to be moving along faster on his paranormal superhero film, Dark Justice, than on Justice League. All of the Del Toro may have spread to those he's been working with most closely, like Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam.

Even though development of a Justice League is in a holding pattern until Man of Steel hits this summer, CHUD reports that some early concept art is beginning to be produced. In these images, The Flash is being modeled as if Hunnam were in the suit. This is could mean absolutely nothing at all, or it could mean a whole lot. It's not uncommon for art to be produced with a specific actor in mind, especially if he's being considered for the role.  All one need to do is go back and check out the recent renditions of The Crow back when Bradley Cooper was circling the reboot. There's no doubt that Warner Bros. likes Hunnam a lot right now, and they've set him to lead Crimson Peak alongside Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Benedict Cumberbatch. One has to wonder if Del Toro isn't considering him for Dark Justice, as well. He'd make for a spot on John Constantine.

At the same time, the artist may just be a really big fan of Hunnam and like him for the part. There are so many questions still swirling around the future of Justice League that it seems unlikely that they'd be talking casting beyond the big three of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. A Flash solo film had been brewing for awhile, so it's possible that remains a long term goal.

Whatever happens, Warner Bros. is clearly anxious to keep Hunnam under their umbrella. We'll see why they're so excited when Pacific Rim opens on July 12th.