Zombies pile up in new poster for 'World War Z'

A leaked version of the new World War Z trailer landed online this weekend, and I'm happy that it affected our own John Nolan so deeply. However, I'm not as sold, and it may be that Max Brooks' novel was so deep, so complex, and said so much about the way governments react at times of crisis. The film, which stars Brad Pitt and Mirielle Enos, just looks like somebody decided to smoosh as many CG-animated zombies together in one place.

A more complete version of the trailer will be released tonight, and we'll update the post when it does, but for now a new poster featuring a dogpile of zombies will have to suffice. Pitt plays government official who is called in by the U.N. to help put a stop to the zombie outbreak.

The film has had a number of issues that saw it bumped from its December perch all the way down to June 21st so the entire final act could be reshot. Is that a reason for concern?

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