Wha!? Jonathan Levine's debut 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane' finally gets U.S. release this summer

Most people recognize the name Jonathan Levine for his last two well-received films, Warm Bodies and 50/50, but those who have been following career probably know him for something else. His debut feature was the awesome teen horror flick, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which should have hit theaters back in 2007 but ran into a storm of roadblocks. The Weinstein Company picked it up for a hefty sum after its TIFF premiere, but backed out of releasing it, selling the rights to another studio which soon went bankrupt. The film has been in limbo ever since, becoming a cult hit amongst genre fans who probably never thought it would see the inside of a multiplex.

But it's finally happening, as The Weinstein's Radius shingle has secured the rights, with plan to release it late in the summer. So what's the big friggin' deal about it? The film stars Amber Heard as Mandy Lane, the hot chick in high school that every guy wants to nail and every girl hates. When she's invited to a private party at a secluded ranch, it isn't long before their numbers starts to dwindle. While it's a bit rough compared to Levine's later works, his gift for great, eclectic soundtracks is on full display, as well as his ability to pull terrific performances from his leads. This was the film that first put me on to Amber Heard, and she remains a favorite to this day.

The above poster is brand new, and below you can find one of the old trailers. If you're not interested in waiting until this summer, you can pick it up on Blu-Ray right here.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane - DVD Trailer by MyMovies_International