Two clips and posters for Neil Labute's 'Some Girl(s)' with Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Zoe Kazan, and more

Let's just say that the films acclaimed playwright Neil Labute has been undertaking of late haven't been his finest work. Having come to notoriety for exploring the contentious relationship between men and women in films such as In the Company of Men, Your Friends & Neighbors, and my personal favorite The Shape of Things, he's since made some odd choices. The dreadful Nic Cage version of The Wicker Man will be a blemish on his record for a long time, while racial thriller Lakeview Terrace and ensemble comedy Death at a Funeral are just mediocre. But now he's back, not as a director, penning an adaptation of his stage play, Some Girl(s). A pair of new clips and six character posters have been released, hopefully as a prelude to a more lengthy trailer.

Adam Brody takes center stage, playing a man who travels the country seeking out all of his ex-girlfriends on the eve of his own wedding. Meeting them in various hotels from state to state, it's one of those deals where he wants to make amends for everything bad that went wrong. It's a familiar premise, one that frankly I'm a little tired of seeing, but the cast along makes this worth it. Brody may be the star, but the hook will be the presence of Emily Watson, Zoe Kazan, Mia Maestro, Kristen Bell, and Jennifer Morrison.

In these clips, we see Brody's character meeting up with the sexy Maestro, who doesn't really want to hear his lame excuses for anything. In the other scene, a tense meeting with Watson's character, a married college professor who doesn't appreciate her story being in one of his books. Watson's a terrific actress, and Brody performs well opposite her. I'm looking forward to this quite a bit.

The film is directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer, best known for Parker Posey's breakthrough, Party Girl Some Girl(s) will debut at SXSW, but doesn't have U.S. distribution just yet.[Indiewire]