The Sunday Drive 3/10/13

3. Oz the Great and Powerful
A visual splendor for the eyes, Oz the Great and Powerful probably won't enhance your love of The Wizard of Oz, but it has enough magic and wonder to be an entertainment trip down the yellow brick road.
2. Dead Man Down
Unpredictable and perfectly cast with Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell, Dead Man Down combines American B-movie action with European sensibilities to make for an explosive combination.
1. No
It's the ad guys vs. the bad guys in Pablo Larrain's insightful and humorous No, based on the true story of how a quirky marketing campaign helped the people of Chile overthrow a dictator. Featuring a remarkable, understated performance by Gael Garcia Bernal, this is a unique film about how democracy truly works.

DVD Pick of the Week:  The Intouchables (sorry, I had this as the pick last week by accident)
Although some may balk at the racial dynamics between a rich white quadriplegic and his poor black caretaker,  The Intouchables is a heartfelt and hilarious charmer about living life to the fullest with whoever makes you happy.