New trailer for Alex Gibney's 'We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks'

Whether you look at him as a hero or a traitor, there's no doubt that Hollywood is in love with Julian Assange's story. The WikiLeaks founder is the subject of at least three movies coming our way soon, with the most visible being The Fifth Estate starring a silver-haired Benedict Cumberbatch. Australia has a film about their native son titled Underground, which will be making its debut here in DC next month. But the film that's likely to hit the hardest is Alex Gibney's documentary, We Steal Secrets: The Story WikiLeaks, and a new trailer for it has landed online.

Gibney's past films, especially his Academy Award-winning Taxi to the Dark Side, have a tendency to push the national debate forward on whatever subject they undertake. At a time when Wikileaks is more prominent than ever, thanks to the scandal involving whistle blower (some would say criminal) Bradley Manning, the film is destined to be a hot topic for every major news outlet in the coming weeks. More than just an exploration of WikiLeaks' rise to prominence, Gibney goes back several decades in chronicling Assange's early career as a hacker, before he came to notoriety in 2007 after releasing footage of journalists killed during an Iraq airstrike. It appears Gibney leaves no stone unturned, exploring many of Assange's biggest information leaks, his communications with secret sources (including Manning), and even the recent accusations of sexual assault.

The film played to rave response at Sundance, and should make quite a splash when it opens on May 24th.

We Steal Secrets- The Story of WikiLeaks - Official Trailer #1 (2013) HD_Julian Assange_Adrian Lamo by Trailerly